IDPP Senior Leadership Presents at 112th APSA Annual Meeting

IDPP Executive Director Dr. Derrick Cogburn and IDPP Deputy Director Dr. Filippo Trevisan are both participating and presenting at the 112th American Political Science Association (APSA) Annual Meeting held from 1-4 September, 2016 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This year’s conference explores the theme “Great Transformations: Political Science and the Big Questions of Our Time."

Dr. Cogburn is presenting on two panels at the conference. The first is a presentation of his paper, “Evaluating Multistakeholder Impact on the Internet Governance IANA Transition” as part of the Internet (and) Governance panel on 1 September at 2:00pm US Eastern Time. The paper uses big data analytics and text mining tools to analyze multistakeholderism in the IANA transition process.

Also participating in this panel is fellow American University School of International Service Associate Professor and Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs Dr. Nanette Levinson, who is presenting her co-authored paper on International Organizations and Internet Governance with co-author Dr. Meryem Marzouki.

In addition, on this same day, Dr. Filippo Trevisan is presenting his paper “The Personal is Political: Life Stories in Digital Disability Advocacy” on a panel in the Information Technology and Politics section at 4:00pm US Eastern Time. Dr. Trevisian began his participation at the APSA conference this year with a pre-conference workshop organized by the Political Communication section.

On 2 September, Dr. Cogburn is participating in an Authors Meet Critics roundtable at 8:00am US Eastern Time sponsored by the Information, Technology and Politics Section of APSA. Dr. Cogburn and Dr. Levinson are convening this roundtable of senior respondents to their recent book The Turn to Infrastructure in Internet Governance authored by Dr. Francesca Musiani, Dr. Cogburn, Dr. Laura DeNardis (AU School of Communication Professor and Associate Dean) and Dr. Levinson. Their work will be critiqued by a panel of scholars, including Dr. Elizabeth Hanson from the University of Connecticut, Dr. J.P. Singh from George Mason University and Dr. Irene S. Wu of Georgetown University. Towards the end of the panel, they will turn the discussion to an overview of their upcoming book on Internet Governance Research Methods. This new book explores current interdisciplinary research methods in Internet governance.

Access the Recording of the Authors Meet Critics Roundtable

Dr. Cogburn, Dr. Levinson and Dr. Laura DeNardis also serve as Faculty Directors of the new Internet Governance Lab at American University.

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