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COSP-9 Side Event: Disability and Digital Societies

  • United Nations, Conference Room 11 405 East 42nd Street New York, NY, 10017 United States (map)

How Can Digital Societies Contribute to Achieving the SDGs
for Persons with Disabilities?

Wednesday, June 15, 2016
8:00am - 9:30am
United Nations Headquarters
Conference Room 11

Organizer: Institute on Disability and Public Policy, American University

Co-Sponsors: AXS Map, World Health Organization, The Nippon Foundation, Data-Pop Alliance, Disabled People's International, and International Disability Alliance

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Side Event Recording via UN TV

This Side Event at the 9th Conference of States Parties to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities will discuss ways in which new forms of evidence – like social media, crowdsourced information through apps and other large-scale digital information – can contribute to implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for persons with disabilities. Example projects will be presented – such as AXS Map, AXS Schools, and Bmap – apps which can gather information on accessible public places and accessible schools and thus contribute to the implementation of SDG targets 4.a (schools sensitive for persons with disabilities) and SDG target 11.7 (accessible public spaces). A research paper exploring opportunities of digital information in improving the situation and empowering persons with disabilities will be presented and discussed. The side event will also present a road map on this topic.

Program and Speakers:

The Role of Digital Information in the Implementation of the SDGs and the Provisions of CRPD - Presentation of Research Paper
Dr. Maria Martinho, Social Affairs Officer, UNDESA/DSPD/SCRPD

Case Studies (5 minutes each):

- AXS Map/AXSSchools for Monitoring SDG Targets 4.a and 11.7
Mr. Jason DaSilva, Creator, AXS Map

- Bmaps: An Innovative Accessibility Guide Provided by Smartphone Application and Website on Internet Browser
Mr. Toshiya Kakiuchi, President, Mirairo Inc. / The Nippon Foundation

- Social Media and Computational Text Analysis for Monitoring SDG Target 10.2
Dr. Derrick L. Cogburn, Associate Professor and Director, IDPP, School of International Service, American University

- Using Innovative Methods to Collect and Use Real-Time Data
Ms. Sunita Grote, Partnerships Lead - Innovation, UNICEF

- The Community-Based Rehabilitation App: How Can It Assist the Implementation of CRPD Article 26
Dr. Jordi Serrano, Consultant, World Health Organization; General Practitioner and Founder/CEO, UniversalDoctor

- Empowering Persons with Disabilities Through Surveys in Conflict Situations and Information on the Use of Prosthetics
Dr. Patrick Vinck, Director, Program for Vulnerable Populations, Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, Harvard University; Co-Founder and Co-Director, Data-Pop Alliance

Ethical Issues on the Use of Digital Information to Achieving the SDGs for Persons with Disabilities
Ms. Dorodi Sharma, Advisor to Chairperson, Disabled People's International
Mr. Arnt Holte, Board Member, International Disability Alliance

Moving Forward - Road Map
Mr. Emmanuel Letouzé, Director and Co-Founder, Data-Pop Alliance