Ms. Gabriela Chauvin is a Senior Research Associate at the AU Institute on Disability and Public Policy (IDPP). She is a communicator and an editor with expertise in public relations and media management. She has edited several publications about policy making, political parties, civil rights, social inclusion, and literature in Latin America. She was senior advisor for the International Affairs and Security Committee of the Ecuadorian Congress. She holds Master's degrees in Hispanic American Literature, Book Editing, and Cultural Studies.




Ms. Erin Spaniol is a Senior Research Associate at the AU Institute on Disability and Public Policy (IDPP) and serves as Program Manager of IDPP's Disability Inclusive Development (DID) Policy Collaboratory. Ms. Spaniol's research interests include: the impact of global information and technology on socio-economic development; shaping inclusive and accessible legislative and policymaking processes that support community reintegration for people with disabilities; evidence-based practices to increase grant development; collaborating with legislators on federal and state policy initiatives; and global health initiatives addressing the disability community. She has worked as an occupational therapist for the past decade with people with disabilities in both the military health system and in urban settings, including the Walter Reed Military Medical Center. She earned a Master's in Public Health from Columbia University, and serves as a Board member of the Global Abilities Foundation.